Friday, July 16, 2010

Hey now!

2008 huh? YIKES! I have surely let my blog lapse. I have been stitching though and have even finished some things. I've had a few new starts too. Sadly, my laptop companion at home has met its death and until I purchase a new one I can't update my blog with any new pictures of what I've actually managed to accomplish. Stay tuned....

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Where the heck does time get to? Here we are getting ready to go into November already and I haven't posted in ages. Poor blog...all neglected.

Needless to say, we're still in NY. Not sure why I'm surprised since things in my life just never go as planned. We had a very productive summer. We installed a brick patio that takes up all of the area that was once only mud. Our house became the place for late night Friday parties and sometimes Saturday too. We throw the kids in the pool and hang out at the bar. We're all getting real good at IPod karaokie. LMAO! I love the BYOB we have established with our's funny to watch them come down the block decked out in swimsuits, flip-flops and rolling a cooler behind them. LOL

Stitching update: Yeah well, I did start a few other projects. That 'ole "Startitis" don't cha know. I started the latest Lizzie Kate Double Flips (the Christmas ones are being added to my stash as we speak). I started Haberdashery Designs "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" & have actually gotten alot of progress made on that. I started Nora Corbetts "E Fairy" for Ellyana. I really love the way that's coming along. Really an easy stitch. I started a welcome banner from a kit but I'm debating on starting it over because I don't like the aida. (DUH!) I started "Stitcher's Blessing" by Erica Michaels. It's really a fast stitch.

At the last Sit&Stitch night, I took 3 patterns with me and got the overdyed threads and fabrics for them. I have decided to try and start kitting up patterns that I have that I REALLY want to stitch and stop getting patterns unless they are screaming at me to come home. I've been doing pretty good with that~ so far. We'll see...

Now if I can just get some things finished up. I'm also trying to stick with the Tuesday Afghan SAL at 123 so I can get some progress on the Nature's Home Afghan (Stoney Creek) that I'm only 5 squares into so far. And you know Stoney Creek just had to come out with another afghan I fell in love with. I think I may just do this on plain evenweave and have it finished into a quilt. In steps my girlfriend Pam who I asked to to a test piece of a color for this one. I told her no rush because I'd be nuts to start this one too. UGH!

I sure hope I can stitch in Heaven because Lord knows I won't get it all done in this lifetime.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Man I gotta get some stitching time in!

It's been so crazy all week. It's Thursday and I have picked up a needle twice this week and that's been in the morning before I start work.

We lost a family friend on Saturday to liver disease. He was our neighbor who was part of our inner circle of friends. He was only a year older than I am~ 39. He left behind 3 beautiful daughters, 17, 10 and 7, and a wife who is beside herself with how to move on. As odd as it is to say, the wake was amazing. He touched alot of lives. We were still able to laugh at the things he did while with us. He was a bit of a knucklehead and would tend to tick you off more often than not. There are some things we all have to come to peace with in life and in death. Billy, I hope you found your peace.

On a lighter note, we will DEFINITELY be moving to NC/SC. WOOOOOHOOOOO!
Now it's just a matter of time with V* & A* getting things done with the bank so we can get a closing date. I'm so excited I can't see straight. I've got boxes hoarded for packing already. LOL It pains me to think of all my lovely stash sitting in boxes. What if I need something? LOL I'll just make sure that I have what I need for a few projects I'll leave out so I have them on hand. I may have to go get some Rubbermaid containers for my patterns. I'd lose it if a box of it got crushed. HMMMM I think I'll pack the Durango with my stash. Why take chances? I'll be driving it down and this way I know it's safe and not crammed into the back of a moving van. Can you imagine? *cringe*

I'll try to get a few updates on the WIPs that I have been able to put some time in on. I've gotten the row of trees done on M.O.M and a bit more done on Moulin Rouge. Maybe this weekend I can get some good time in on M.O.M.

In the words of the great James Taylor "I'm going to Carolina in my mind"

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Personally, I can't believe how much I've gotten stitched on this one. It's a fun stitch and the specialty stitches keep it interesting when they come up. The grass stitched up amazingly fast. It took several hours but still went fast using that basketstitch. So here it is after 1 week and 3 days.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valetines day!


Hope all of you find something you love to stitch today. I left the kids their goodies on the table and Bobs card and candy on his nightstand. I got to work and stitched on "Fair Kind True" so I got my Valentines stitching in for the day, especially since it's done in the beautiful red shade of Weeks Garnet.

My silks came last Friday for The Marriage of Minds. FINALLY! I set to work sorting the silks into their baggies, labeled them and set to work. I worked on it alot over the weekend. It's stitching up fast so far, even the specialty stitches. I'm starting at the top and so far have finished the tree, the house and topiaries on the right, the couple under the tree, the path from house to house, the motifs and grass on the top side of the path and part of the house and 1 topiary on the left side. The grass, which I was dreading, went amazingly fast using the basketweave stitch. Had I known how fast this stitch was in using it to cover a large solid area of stitching, I may have used it for the cloud on And They Sinned. I still think I may start that over again one day, just don't ask when. I'm still anxious to see the companion piece for that one that is in the works called And God Created. That one is supposed to be long horizontally instead of vertically. Ahhhh for the love of huge patterns! Sometimes I think I need my head checked. Ask other stitchers though and I'm perfectly normal, most of the time.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Idle hands...

MAKE ME CRAZY! It is so slow at work and I wish I could sit and stitch. My stitching bag is under my desk and it is taking all I have not to pull it out, kick my feet up and start stitching. I've been spending time on the message boards though. This however leads to more stuff I want. It's a viscious circle I tell ya. If I never got another pattern and only bought fabric and threads for my projects, I swear I'd be set for life.

My watched pot mentioned in my last post finally started to boil. My silks for The Marriage of Minds FINALLY shipped yesterday. I should have them either tomorrow or Saturday. That means I can get it started this weekend. If I get them Friday, I'll start it after dinner and stitch while I'm watching my ghost shows. I gridded my fabric and it's ready to go. I can feel it trembling with excitement at the thought of it being stitched up with this beautiful pattern in silks. WOOOHOOO's the little things that make me happy. hehehe

We should know this weekend about what is going on with the house. Hopefully V* & A* will decide to buy it once all the numbers are laid out. I want to get out of NY so bad and get closer to the kids. I love V* & A* and the girls but living with them the past 4 years has about done me in. I know I'll miss the girls terribly when we go. They grow so fast. James Taylor said it best..."and I'm going to Carolina in my mind..." Fingers and toes crossed. And to tie this post into stitching, I've got a dozen things I want to stitch up for our new house when/if we ever get down there. I keep thinking about what colors the kitchen will be in. I've got a few coffee patterns that would look great in it. Some small projects for the bathroom even.

And the excitement builds...

Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday, Monday...

Another weekend just blew right by me. I think, if I would have blinked, I'd have missed it. Busy weekend with very little stitching done. I did manage to finish another page on Moulin Rouge (Long Dog) annnnnnnd I got my fabric cut for The Marriage of Minds. It is sitting happily with it's scroll rods on my dresser. I'm very patiently waiting for my silk order to change from "Processing" to "Shipped". A watch pot doesn't boil...a watched silk order takes F O R E V E R to ship. *sigh*

We had a nice time at the LNS on Saturday. I got some new patterns that Diana had just gotten in by Haberdashery Designs They are letters in her new Alphabet Series. I got A~Always Kiss Me Goodnight, G~Grow Old Along With Me and H~There's No Place Like Home. I'm a sucker for letters, especially when they are so beautifully ornate as these. I immediately saw these in 2 shade of Vikki's silks. I also got Midsummer Night Designs "Fair, Kind & True" which looks like a fast stitch. I may start this one in one of my spools of red from Vikki and stick it in my project bag for work. I had one order that didn't come in yet ~Blackbird Designs "Where My Heart Blooms" for the new Loose Feathers design series and Guila Punti Antichi "The Night Before Christmas" needle casket

Remember my post about not buying anything new???? My husband told me my LNS is like my crack dealer. That's funny because I've heard stitchers compare their stitching and, let's call it ... collecting, to crack with the difference being it's safer. I think my husband is happier just having me purchase patterns. He's seen the damage I can do with a debit card in a shop...and did I mention the CATS Festivals? He just kept looking at the bags going into the suitcase. I see a pattern I like and have to have it. Sorry. It is my crack.