Thursday, March 6, 2008

Man I gotta get some stitching time in!

It's been so crazy all week. It's Thursday and I have picked up a needle twice this week and that's been in the morning before I start work.

We lost a family friend on Saturday to liver disease. He was our neighbor who was part of our inner circle of friends. He was only a year older than I am~ 39. He left behind 3 beautiful daughters, 17, 10 and 7, and a wife who is beside herself with how to move on. As odd as it is to say, the wake was amazing. He touched alot of lives. We were still able to laugh at the things he did while with us. He was a bit of a knucklehead and would tend to tick you off more often than not. There are some things we all have to come to peace with in life and in death. Billy, I hope you found your peace.

On a lighter note, we will DEFINITELY be moving to NC/SC. WOOOOOHOOOOO!
Now it's just a matter of time with V* & A* getting things done with the bank so we can get a closing date. I'm so excited I can't see straight. I've got boxes hoarded for packing already. LOL It pains me to think of all my lovely stash sitting in boxes. What if I need something? LOL I'll just make sure that I have what I need for a few projects I'll leave out so I have them on hand. I may have to go get some Rubbermaid containers for my patterns. I'd lose it if a box of it got crushed. HMMMM I think I'll pack the Durango with my stash. Why take chances? I'll be driving it down and this way I know it's safe and not crammed into the back of a moving van. Can you imagine? *cringe*

I'll try to get a few updates on the WIPs that I have been able to put some time in on. I've gotten the row of trees done on M.O.M and a bit more done on Moulin Rouge. Maybe this weekend I can get some good time in on M.O.M.

In the words of the great James Taylor "I'm going to Carolina in my mind"


Anonymous said...

Hi Sheri, Just found your blog and enjoyed your posts. So sorry for the loss of your friend. I live in GA, but one of my favorite LNS is in SC. DH is from SC and still has family there. In advance - Welcome to the South! Grenae

Carolyn said...

Sheri, I am so very sorry about your friend. I know his wife must be beside herself. I went through it at 40 (not liver disease, though) and would be glad to listen if she needs a shoulder as I do understand. :) Feel free to give her whatever numbers/addys of mine that you have.

You lucky dog! I wish I were moving to the Carolinas. What beautiful country. Uhm....take your stash in your Durango. I wouldn't take a chance in the world with the movers with my stash.

Carolyn (lynnygyrl)