Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fell hard...

So much for my goals about new purchases!

A lady at Legacy was selling her Drawn thread "The Marriage of Minds" and I bought it. THEN she told me she had the fabric for this also. Hey! It was a deal. I've been thinking about doing this one for our anniversary anyways. (Hard to believe it will be 10 years in August!) SO, of course with the pattern and the fabric coming ~I needed threads right? Well, it just so happens that Vikki Clayton has a conversion package for this pattern in her silks. *sigh* YES...I got that too. My best intentions (in my head anyways) were to start this and set all of my other WIPs aside, stitch on only this and try to have it done it time to get framed for our anniversary. Reality set in and considering the fact were looking at moving, there is now way I'd have the time to devote to it like I'd want in order to have it done. Maybe...Christmas?

I also started a new design, Sampler A by Gigi. Isn't it pretty? I'm stitching this
using Vikki Claytons Regular Examplar Rum Cherry. I love the colors in the silk. At first I thought it had to much brown in it and I almost sent it back. I was expecting it to be more of a blend of burgandy shades. I'm stitching it on 40 ct Flax linen 1 over 2. I'm loving it so far. I want to finish this up and make it a centerpiece with all of our initials done in the letter patterns by M Designs and hang them seperately around it. Those I already have the patterns for too.

I'm still trying to figuure out what's going on with my camera. When I try to take a picture it shuts off. UGH! I want to get updated pictures posted of my WIPs. Posting pictures of my progress will be a reinforcement to myself that I'm getting further along than I think I am.

Michelle, Peg, Pam & I are supposed to meet up at the Lazy Daisy LNS this Saturday for some stitching & bitching. I am so glad Diana opened her store. She is great about ordering things and I love all the fabric she has on hand. Granted I do wish it was a bit closer than Rockville Center, but the drive really isn't that bad.
That's it for now...May your needles be swift and your knots be few.

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