Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday, Monday...

Another weekend just blew right by me. I think, if I would have blinked, I'd have missed it. Busy weekend with very little stitching done. I did manage to finish another page on Moulin Rouge (Long Dog) annnnnnnd I got my fabric cut for The Marriage of Minds. It is sitting happily with it's scroll rods on my dresser. I'm very patiently waiting for my silk order to change from "Processing" to "Shipped". A watch pot doesn't boil...a watched silk order takes F O R E V E R to ship. *sigh*

We had a nice time at the LNS on Saturday. I got some new patterns that Diana had just gotten in by Haberdashery Designs They are letters in her new Alphabet Series. I got A~Always Kiss Me Goodnight, G~Grow Old Along With Me and H~There's No Place Like Home. I'm a sucker for letters, especially when they are so beautifully ornate as these. I immediately saw these in 2 shade of Vikki's silks. I also got Midsummer Night Designs "Fair, Kind & True" which looks like a fast stitch. I may start this one in one of my spools of red from Vikki and stick it in my project bag for work. I had one order that didn't come in yet ~Blackbird Designs "Where My Heart Blooms" for the new Loose Feathers design series and Guila Punti Antichi "The Night Before Christmas" needle casket

Remember my post about not buying anything new???? My husband told me my LNS is like my crack dealer. That's funny because I've heard stitchers compare their stitching and, let's call it ... collecting, to crack with the difference being it's safer. I think my husband is happier just having me purchase patterns. He's seen the damage I can do with a debit card in a shop...and did I mention the CATS Festivals? He just kept looking at the bags going into the suitcase. I see a pattern I like and have to have it. Sorry. It is my crack.

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