Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valetines day!


Hope all of you find something you love to stitch today. I left the kids their goodies on the table and Bobs card and candy on his nightstand. I got to work and stitched on "Fair Kind True" so I got my Valentines stitching in for the day, especially since it's done in the beautiful red shade of Weeks Garnet.

My silks came last Friday for The Marriage of Minds. FINALLY! I set to work sorting the silks into their baggies, labeled them and set to work. I worked on it alot over the weekend. It's stitching up fast so far, even the specialty stitches. I'm starting at the top and so far have finished the tree, the house and topiaries on the right, the couple under the tree, the path from house to house, the motifs and grass on the top side of the path and part of the house and 1 topiary on the left side. The grass, which I was dreading, went amazingly fast using the basketweave stitch. Had I known how fast this stitch was in using it to cover a large solid area of stitching, I may have used it for the cloud on And They Sinned. I still think I may start that over again one day, just don't ask when. I'm still anxious to see the companion piece for that one that is in the works called And God Created. That one is supposed to be long horizontally instead of vertically. Ahhhh for the love of huge patterns! Sometimes I think I need my head checked. Ask other stitchers though and I'm perfectly normal, most of the time.

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