Thursday, February 7, 2008

Idle hands...

MAKE ME CRAZY! It is so slow at work and I wish I could sit and stitch. My stitching bag is under my desk and it is taking all I have not to pull it out, kick my feet up and start stitching. I've been spending time on the message boards though. This however leads to more stuff I want. It's a viscious circle I tell ya. If I never got another pattern and only bought fabric and threads for my projects, I swear I'd be set for life.

My watched pot mentioned in my last post finally started to boil. My silks for The Marriage of Minds FINALLY shipped yesterday. I should have them either tomorrow or Saturday. That means I can get it started this weekend. If I get them Friday, I'll start it after dinner and stitch while I'm watching my ghost shows. I gridded my fabric and it's ready to go. I can feel it trembling with excitement at the thought of it being stitched up with this beautiful pattern in silks. WOOOHOOO's the little things that make me happy. hehehe

We should know this weekend about what is going on with the house. Hopefully V* & A* will decide to buy it once all the numbers are laid out. I want to get out of NY so bad and get closer to the kids. I love V* & A* and the girls but living with them the past 4 years has about done me in. I know I'll miss the girls terribly when we go. They grow so fast. James Taylor said it best..."and I'm going to Carolina in my mind..." Fingers and toes crossed. And to tie this post into stitching, I've got a dozen things I want to stitch up for our new house when/if we ever get down there. I keep thinking about what colors the kitchen will be in. I've got a few coffee patterns that would look great in it. Some small projects for the bathroom even.

And the excitement builds...


Jacque said...

I can't wait to see your progress on "Marriage" as I'm going to be doing it next year.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I just found your blog and am so happy to see you!


jcinstitches said...

Hi...Good luck on 'Marriage' is a gorgeous piece AND is also in my WIP pile. :-)
Just so you know I tried to e-mail you after you left a comment, but for whatever reason, they kept getting bounced back to me.
Take care,